Core Business Services Overview - Over 50 years of combined business experience

Founder - Warren Dennis

Warren Dennis, founder of the company and an astute business man with a passion for the nutraceutical industry that has grown extensively over the past 18 years and still continues to thrive.

General Management - Luke Dennis

Luke Dennis maintains the General day to day running at Kenza Health , he also uses his Bcomm Degree in Marketing and management sciences to communicate the right messaging to our customers old and new.

Sales Management - Rentia Swanepoel

Rentia is the national sales manager of Kenza Health , she has 18 years experience in the industry working her way up as a rep at Kenza Health , IHS , J&J and Austell. She came back to Kenza Health to lead the sales team nationally.

main services


International relations

Our international relationships are as important to us as the products we produce. We import our products from some of the best bodies from around the world. We pride ourselves in working with the best and producing quality products.

We believe in cultivating relationships around the world for a better versed approach.


Scientific evidence

The heart of all our products lies in scientific evidence; it is what ultimately makes our products a success.

We continue to actively seek scientific evidence to support and improve the quality of our products.


Giving back

We strive to positively influence the community in which we operate and we strongly believe in refining a culture of giving back and uplifting those who need it most.

We continue to support and participate in initiatives that will further reinforce our objectives as a business and reinforce our values of giving back.



Every year new products are developed to bring innovation to the market and build the existing brands. Our international partners are constantly providing us with updated findings and worldwide trends.

All brand names are trade marked and the individual products have SAHPRA certificates and NAPPI (claimable from medical aid) codes.

Our strength lies in our entrepreneurial and innovative ethos.