about Kenza Health

Our brands are different because they are formulated using scientifically proven ingredients and have high milligram strengths.

This results in the product actually working for the consumer, as opposed to many products on the market which are simply ineffective.

Every year new products are developed to bring innovation to the market and build the existing brands. Our international partners are constantly providing us with updated findings and worldwide trends.

All brand names are trade marked and the individual products have SAHPRA certificates and NAPPI (claimable from medical aid) codes.

Our strength lies in our entrepreneurial and innovative ethos.

Company Ethics


We are passionate about natural health care.

We aim to provide products that are formulated with the correct ingredients and highest milligrams strengths. The company has an innovative ethos, keeping a close watch on new trends in the nutraceutical industry and making sure that we are at the forefront of new developments


The flat structure of the company, where all the departments are integrated, allow strategies to be quickly put into action.

Kenza Health is built on a foundation of integrity. Customers and consumers expect more from Kenza Health and it is every employee’s job to make sure we meet their expectations.


We actively seek opportunities to contribute to the communities in which we do business.

Each Kenza Health brand looks for opportunities to give back to their relevant communities.